Essential Oils for Depression

**If you are currently on antidepressants, continue to take them and consult a physician before using these essential oils.
**How to read the Dosha Symbols
V+ Vata increasing
V- Vata decreasing
V= Vata neutral
Essential Oils for Melancholy and Depression 
Depression and Melancholy can show up differently in each Dosha and each individual.  Sometimes during times of change including the seasons changing, child birth, birthdays and moving can increase melancholy and overwhelm.
Vata’s often embody depression and melancholy as overwhelm, anxiety.  Overwhelm can cause Vata’s to feel as though they don’t want to get out of bed, and can’t handle daily tasks.
Essential Oils for Vata Melancholy
Bergamont VK-P+
Lemon PV-K=

Pitta’s can display depression and melancholy as anger, burying themselves in work and over exercising.
Essential Oils for Pitta Melancholy
Neroli PV-K+ also helps with Pitta skin inflammation
Jasmine PK-V+  also helps with anxiety and increasing confidence
Geranium PK-V+ another helpful anti inflammatory

Kapha’s often show depression as lethargy, isolation, dullness and moodiness.
Essential Oils for Kapha Melancholy
Grapefruit KV-P+ also helps with obesity and reducing water retention
Ginger VK-P+  Heating and increases circulation

Most essential oil antidepressants also help the specific Doshas digestion.  Proper digestion is one of the key focuses Ayurveda uses to help with keeping the body in balance, so eating a diet that is calming for your Dosha also increases effectiveness.

What do your Dreams Say about Your Dosha?

I wanted to write this post, because the other night, I had a dream in sepia tone.  What’s crazier is that I was going to meet Orson Wells in the dream, you know the old-time radio drama writer and actor.

Diagnosing your Dreams with Ayurveda

Vata’s dream in bright vivid color.  There is usually a lot of movement and things morfing into other things.  Flying dreams and stress dreams are often associated with Vata as well.


Pitta’s are the ones who get to dream in Black and White.  When I heard this I didn’t believe it, I hadn’t even considered someone not dreaming in color, but it’s true.  A woman I worked at a coffee shop with, said her dreams were usually in black and white, and she had blond hair, blue eyes and rosy red cheeks and angular face, definitely a Pitta.  Pitta dreams may also contain blood or feeling warm, like a desert ext.

Kapha’s tend to have slower dreams that may look like movie stills.  Dreams of being stuck, can also be associated with Kapha.

Ayurveda says that dreams that happen before 2am are your body breaking down things that have happened throughout the day, and that dreams after 2am are the ones that have a better chance of being prophetic.

Dreams would be considered a part of the diagnosis for your Vikruti or imbalance.  As a practitioner, we do not look at just one thing in a person’s life we look at many things going on and their interactions to determine a Dosha.  But keeping track of your dreams and if they change in appearance could give you an upper hand on if your Vikruti (Doshic imbalance) has changed.

How to Stress Less this Holiday Season: Interview with Jen Straiting

As we enter winter, Vata starts to increase, with signs of flightiness, stress, and overwhelm.  But I had the opportunity to speak with Jen Strating, Biofeedback Therapist in my shortest interview yet (4min. and 50sec.) We discussed biofeedback, a non invasive therapy that allows you to visually see your stress levels and consciously practice reducing them, as well as a simple but effective tip for reducing stress that you can do any where.  Watch the Video now.IMG_5873

Find out more about Jen Strating and Biofeedback at

Let me know how you stress less in the comments below. 

Is There a Recipie for Getting Rid of Gas?

Did you know in Ayurveda, how you eat is actually considered more important than what you eat?  You have been trying to eat “right” cookingbut the parties, unexpected snacks and stress are starting to catch up to you.  Even though you may not always be able to eat what you want, how you eat can help make up for it.  Giving the digestive system time to digest your food properly can reduce or even eliminate many common digestive problems.

Digestive Times Guidelines:

Snacks, 30-60mins.

Vegetarian Meal, 1-2hrs

Meal that has meat (including fish), 2-3hrs.

Stuffing yourself (not recommended), 3-? hrs.

**It is recommended that you leave a 1/4-1/3 of your stomach empty when eating to allow enough space for your stomach to digest food.  (Your stomach is roughly the size of your hands cupped together, in a beggar bowl.)

It can be tricky, finding exactly the right waiting times and may take a little trial and error, but it could be what is standing between you and a life free of gas and bloating.  It may take up to a week for your digestion to get on track, so don’t give up after day one.  If you miss a couples of days, there is always tomorrow.


Do Your Doshas Change

I often have new clients who move to the area and say, “When I moved, I felt like certain Doshas increased and others decreased.  Is that possible?

The simple answer is yes.

Determining your Dosha is broken down into two categories.

Vikruti (your imbalance) are easily changed by *different life factors, based on symptoms of your mind and digestion.

Prakruti (physical characteristics) are hard to change and would usually involve: illness, injury or plastic surgery which includes braces to change.

* Common Factors that Influence  your Doshas to Change:

The seasons- in the summer you find yourself tending to be more Pitta.IMG_2775

Time of Day- in the evening after the sun goes down, you may feel cold and less hungry, which are signs of Vata imbalance.

Food you eat- the food you eat can increase or decrease a Dosha quite rapidly.  For example if you eat spicy food you may feel more Pitta and if you eat dairy alot you may tend toward Kapha.

Where you live- A person with a lot of  Pitta (fire and water) moving to Colorado (Fire and Air) may see an increase in anger and increased digestive fire. To find out more about how where you live affects your health click here.

Your stage in life- Children have an overall tendency towards Kapha imbalance, 14-40 have a greater tendancy towards Pitta imbalance, and those over the age of 50 have a tendancy towards Vata.MP900216125

While these can increase your dosha, these factors may also bring a dosha into balance, and are taken into consideration when placing an estimate on how long it will take someone to find health.

Which of these factors affects you the most and what do you do about it?  Let me know in the comments below.

Increasing Fertility and Creativity: Interview with Catherine Gregory

Did you know that keeping your curtains open during the full moon, helps regulate your menstrual cycle?

The other day I got to sit down with my friend Catherine Gregory and talk about her specialty, fertility and Maya Abdominal Massage.  In the 8 minute interview she shared so many tips and information.  I even got her to guide us through a little meditation.  Click here to watch the Interview.


Watch Video.

Find out more about Catherine Gregory and The Fertile Being Healing Arts at

Confessions of a Yogini: How to Stay on your Mat

When I started practicing yoga my main reason was to get fit.  I stumbled upon yoga while doing a Yoga/Pilates VHS.  I liked the yoga part better so I found more yoga videos to do.  Through out my eight years of practice every day I get on the mat I have a different reason, a different focus, a new reason to not get on the mat and finding the reasons that are more important to make me grateful for getting on my yoga mat.  Yes, even yoga teachers struggle sometimes.


A few of the reasons I get on my mat:

Stress Relief


Self Massage


New Ideas for Teaching

Me Time


Good Workout



Some days I don’t want to get on my mat, because I think it is going to be boring, the same salutations, but when I really practice asanas, and find the right alignment even in a pose I do all the time and radiate out it is amazing.

yoga foot

How to Keep your Practice New:

*Get a new Yoga Video

*Go to a new studio

*Go to a class with a different teacher

*Set a more difficult pose to work for

*Get a private yoga session to see what you can focus on

*Follow me on my 31 Days of Yoga Journey on Instagram or Facebook 

I will be sharing tips for keeping a strong yoga practice, and the ups and downs of my yoga practice.

What keeps you going back to your yoga mat?  Let me know in the comments below.

3 Herbs you Need to Know for Healing Depression: Interview with Sarah Josey

Depression is a condition that reportedly affects one in ten Americans.  It is a conversation often avoided, but I was lucky enough to interview Sarah Josey Herbalist, Nutritionist and Founder of Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary.  She shared three herbs that everyone should know about when it comes to depression and one to avoid, while on medication.  Watch  video.

Find out more about Sarah Josey and Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary at

Join the conversation below.  Have you tried any of these herbs?  Let me know in the comments.

Local Food is the New Super Food (Summer)

Acai, Maca, Goji Berries, what do all these foods have in common?  They are considered super foods, but what if there is an alternative in your own back yard that could be even more healing?  Foods that grow naturally and easily in the area that you live, work best for calming the doshas and treating issues that are common to your area.

Benefits of Locally Grown Food- cheaper (no travel expenses), naturally calms doshas, more prana (energy, which starts decreasing as soon as a plant is picked).

Summer is considered a Pitta time of year, depending on your location though there may be other qualities.  In Fort Collins, Colorado where I live the *windy, dry desert adds more of a Vata quality to every season.  Foods that grow in the summer digest quickly and are high in prana (energy) for increased outdoor activities. 

Farmers market is one of the best places to guarantee freshness, but you can also buy produce that is in season at your grocery store as well to get the natural benefits.

Cooling Local Foods

Greens (Astringent and cooling)- Kale, Romaine, celery, cucumbers.  Tricky heating greens- Spinach, Mustard Greens, Brussels Sprouts.

Fruit- Ripe sweet fruits, are considered cooling, and help calm Pitta.  Tricky heating fruits- oranges, tomatoes, pineapples, grapefruit.  Fruit can be hard to digest, try eating fruit first during a meal or away from other foods.

Omegas– Fresh Water Fish and Avocados.  (Red meat and salt water fish are heating and are recommended in small amounts during the summer.)

*Most cactus are Natural Laxatives that grow in the dessert, where the high winds and dehydration can cause constipation.  Some laxatives such as Senna can be habit forming and it is best to work with digestive herbs like fennel, or the famous mixture Triphala to help bring about proper elimination.

Healing With Nature (The Sky’s the Limit)

IMG_4127I recently returned from visiting my family in Wisconsin, it was so fun and beautiful.  Leafy green trees everywhere.  Now I’m back in Fort Collins, which is a high elevation dessert with its golden hues and gorgeous sunsets.  August 10th I will be up in the mountains for the Healing with Nature: Rocky Mountain Meditation Immersion.

An Ayurvedic Look at Healing with the Sky

Did you know that watching the clouds pass across a beautiful blue sky for 10 minutes helps erase hundreds of visual impressions (stressors like blinking lights, tv, computer ext.)?  You don’t even have to go outside to get the effects, you can turn your office chair and look out the window.IMG_4598

Sunset is a very healing time, its golden hue is very nourishing and helps heal the eyes.  Watching the sunset also helps your body’s inner clock relax and start preparing to go to bed.  You can simulate this in your house by slowly lessening the amount of lighting in your house as you get closer and closer to going to bed.  There is even a computer program that runs on a timer and slowly gets dimmer and dimmer.

IMG_3987Want to learn more about the healing properties of nature?  Join me for the Healing with Nature: Rocky Mountain Meditation Immersion August 10th from 9am-2pm.  Explore the healing qualities of Nature, through guided meditation, intuition, and time-honored tools and techniques for working with and interpreting nature for healing.  It is your choice of what you are asking to receive guidance and healing for, whether it is for healing a marriage, a nagging physical pain, stress, exct.  You will be able to use the tools you learn, to continue your healing journey at home.  Click here for full itinerary.