Increasing Fertility and Creativity: Interview with Catherine Gregory

Did you know that keeping your curtains open during the full moon, helps regulate your menstrual cycle?

The other day I got to sit down with my friend Catherine Gregory and talk about her specialty, fertility and Maya Abdominal Massage.  In the 8 minute interview she shared so many tips and information.  I even got her to guide us through a little meditation.  Click here to watch the Interview.


Watch Video.

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3 Herbs you Need to Know for Healing Depression: Interview with Sarah Josey

Depression is a condition that reportedly affects one in ten Americans.  It is a conversation often avoided, but I was lucky enough to interview Sarah Josey Herbalist, Nutritionist and Founder of Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary.  She shared three herbs that everyone should know about when it comes to depression and one to avoid, while on medication.  Watch  video.

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Join the conversation below.  Have you tried any of these herbs?  Let me know in the comments.