Do Your Doshas Change

I often have new clients who move to the area and say, “When I moved, I felt like certain Doshas increased and others decreased.  Is that possible?

The simple answer is yes.

Determining your Dosha is broken down into two categories.

Vikruti (your imbalance) are easily changed by *different life factors, based on symptoms of your mind and digestion.

Prakruti (physical characteristics) are hard to change and would usually involve: illness, injury or plastic surgery which includes braces to change.

* Common Factors that Influence  your Doshas to Change:

The seasons- in the summer you find yourself tending to be more Pitta.IMG_2775

Time of Day- in the evening after the sun goes down, you may feel cold and less hungry, which are signs of Vata imbalance.

Food you eat- the food you eat can increase or decrease a Dosha quite rapidly.  For example if you eat spicy food you may feel more Pitta and if you eat dairy alot you may tend toward Kapha.

Where you live- A person with a lot of  Pitta (fire and water) moving to Colorado (Fire and Air) may see an increase in anger and increased digestive fire. To find out more about how where you live affects your health click here.

Your stage in life- Children have an overall tendency towards Kapha imbalance, 14-40 have a greater tendancy towards Pitta imbalance, and those over the age of 50 have a tendancy towards Vata.MP900216125

While these can increase your dosha, these factors may also bring a dosha into balance, and are taken into consideration when placing an estimate on how long it will take someone to find health.

Which of these factors affects you the most and what do you do about it?  Let me know in the comments below.

My New Years Resolution Breakdown

MP900309664This year is going to be the year I _________.  What did you fill in?  Loose weight, find a significant other,make it big?  What ever you put in the blank, I dare you to answer the question, why?  I hope it was for you, and if it’s not, make one that is solely for you.

The Doshas and Goal setting:

Vatta’s tend to set big goals and get overwhelmed. (Try small tangible goals)

Pitta’s tend to force themselves to reach their big goals, even if that means they are not enjoying it and can tend to express anger towards others because of it. (Try the 50% rule, allowing yourself a little break.)

Kapha’s can become stuck in their habits and not realize what  negative habits are doing to them. (Try supported change, gym, one on one training, exercise group, or do a challenge with your family) 

The two biggest reasons I find that New Years resolutions don not work are.  People set a big goal and expect fast results or they haven’t dealt with physical or emotional pain which can hold them back.  Here are ways to overcome theses issues and make this the year you stick to your new years resolution.

1.  When you set your  goal, break it down into smaller goals.  Lets just stick with the weight loss example, your big goal might be to lose 15lbs. but your small goal might be to lose 1lbs. a week.  That means that in 3 months you will have lost 12lbs.  Every time you reach one of your smaller goal you feel succesful and you have accomplished something, which allows you to be succesful see results and stay motivated to keep going.  On this gradual plan you are able to make progress without overwhelming yourself.

Once you have broken down the steps and made smaller goals, put it in your calender, make your plan just as important as your work schedule.  (Exmp. walk 2:30-3:00p.m. Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat.- Sun 10-10:45)

Eating healthier-try the 50% rule.  Half the time you eat what you want and half the time you eat healthy.

Exercisise-Try cardio every other day, depending on how much you currently do (haven’t been working out 10 min. already workout 30 min) and 10-30 min of walking every day .  A walking partner or music(one ear bud only for safety) can make it easier and keep you motivated.


2.  Physical and emotional pain can be big factors in being successful in your resolution.  Haven’t been exercising?  Is it because your knee, back is hurting?  Are you unable to stop overeating? Is it because you are constantly hearing your mother in your head telling you, you are not good enough or stressed because of work?

Take a moment to do a quick body scan.  First do this standing and then sitting.  Close your eyes, take a couple deep breaths and start at the top of your head all the way down to your toes look for any pain, soreness, tightness or discomfort, if you notice anything write this down.  Depending you may want to see a Chiropractor, Massage therapist, Ayurveda Practitioner or Doctor.

Sitting down, take a moment to think about your resolution, notice what doubts, or blocks pop into your head.  Maybe there is another stressor that has nothing to do with your resolution that keeps showing up.  Write these down.  These types of issues can be worked with through meditation, eating a Vata calming diet, talking to a good friend, psychiatrist, or regaining empowerment through physical activity.

Have a Great New Year!

What is your new years resolution?  Let me know if this post helped in the comments below. 

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Top 10 Tips for making it Through the Holidays without Stress or Weight Gain

It’s good to be back in Fort Collins, CO.  I am finally getting back into the swing of things after being on the Midwest Tour (Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa), Story Telling, Ayurveda Presentations and working with Ayurveda Jump Start to Health Patients.  It was so much fun sharing Ayurveda Health and Empowerment.  Changes are a coming for the clinic in the new year, stay posted in the next month for more details.  Also have you joined the fabulouse group of people on the Earth Ayurveda Clinic Facebook page?  If not click here.

The Holiday seasons can be stressful with traveling, visiting family, trying to keep your immune system high and not gain weight.  Here is a gift from me, to you:)  The Top 10 tips you Need to know to make it through the Holidays.  (In no particular order)

1.  Bring something you can eat that tastes good and that doesn’t make you cringe when you think of the health factors or calories.  (Try setting a goal of maintaining through the holidays, not trying to loose weight.) If you want a food that isn’t good for you, take a small portion instead of depriving yourself.  And remember it is what we do most of the time that affects you, not what you do once in a while.

2.  Family stress even just thinking about it can cause you to hold or shorten your breath.  Start practicing deep abdominal breath, which is not very noticeable but can have an astounding affect on calming the nervous system and the mind, allowing you to deal with family members and driving. When you reduce stress, it helps keep weight off.

3.  Overcoming the infamous stuffing your face.  Eat until you are almost full, not stuffed.  Your stomach digests food faster when there is a little space for it to squish and digest your food.  (Don’t stress about not getting enough, you can put what you want on your plate and save it for your second meal or cover it and take it home.)

4.  Whether you are hosting a party or going to one ask yourself “What can I do to make this run as smoothly as possible?”  exmp.  having food prepped the night before, plan a stop while your traveling in the middle, and allow children to run and go to the bathroom instead of whiny cranky children or make a list of safe topics that you know your family or friends can handle to divert to.

5.  Spice your food, in India all food is spiced, as it helps with digestion.  Some neutral spices are coriander and fennelBlack pepper is good if you are eating a particularly heavy or creamy meal.  You can bring spices with you if you don’t think they will be available, bring a fennel capsule to have before meals or bring some digestive tea to share instead of coffee.

6.  Your a vegetarian going into a household of non-vegetarians.  Bring a vegetarian dish that to you is considered a main course.  Do not bring a dish that has any reference to a meat substitute, because you will be setting yourself up for a battle.  Even though meat substitutes can taste great, non-vegetarians expect it to taste the same and will tell you it’s not that great.

7.  Be aware of your own sabotaging thoughts and behaviors: be able to recognize which role you tend to fall into and have a mantra or affirmation to snap yourself out of it.  (A favorite affirmation of mine is I bless everyone I see and they bless me.)

Vata’s tend to blame themselves.

Pitta’s tend towards blaming others.

Kapha’s can tend towards smothering and controlling behavior.

8.  Going for a walk.  It is best to let your food digest for atleast 10-30 min.  then taking a short, gentle walk of a minimum of 108 steps tells your body to burn fat and helps with digestion.  Try going for a group walk, or walking the dog or stepping out for a breath of fresh air.

9.  Go into the party with a positive attitude.  Don’t start off thinking it’s going to be terrible or that your going to gain five pounds, instead put out the energy that everything is going to be great.  What would be the perfect scenario?

10.  Have a support network, if a family situation starts to get a little hard to handle have someone you can text that will send you a positive text back, or someone you trust that you can go hang out with in your family.

Stay healthy and have fun this holiday season.

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Give your Immune System a Boost

The leaves are turning beautiful shades of Red, Orange and Yellow.  On the color wheel these are considered warming.  Mother nature is using our visual senses to warm us up for the cold winter weather to come.  Out here in Colorado the leaves are mostly a beautiful yellow/gold color.  The color gold in Ayurveda is considered one of the most nourishing, rejuvenating, and Ojas building.  Ojas is our life force and is the container for our energy.  Watch Ojas Video.

Gold is one of the most common colors to see in the fall, mother nature always provides and she is giving us lots of nourishment and abundance before Vata really sets in.  Here are some ways to build ojas with the color gold:

-Watch the sun set or spend time watching the golden leaves on a tree dance

-Eating Squash or adding Ghee to your food

-Sprinkle some Turmeric in your food or warm milk.

Does Where you Live affect Your Health

Does where you live affect your health? Yes.  It is one of the six factors that can let you know how long it will take you to heal, and will usually fortell what doshas you will eventually go out of balance with, if not managed properly.  Find out and identify the landscape you are living in, in the list below.

General Landscapes/Biomes, and the Doshas they are Associated With

The dosha listed next to the landscape is what people will most commonly go out of balance with in the area, Exmp.  if it says Vata then you may need to focus on keeping Vata calm all year long.  If it says four seasons that means that the area is more prone to having all four seasons and you can  prepare as each season comes, even though there is still usually an overall predominant Dosha.

Mountains– Cold and Windy -Vata

Desert-Hot and Dry- Pitta/Vata

Leafy Forest/Woodlands– Moist and  four seasons – Kapha (but also has capabilities of all the Doshas seasonally)

Coastal– Wet/Cold- Kapha

Island-Wet/Warm- Kapha/Pitta

Polar Regions(considered cold desert, due to lack of rain fall)- Cold/Dry- Vata

Prarie– Warm/Windy/Moist/four seasons- mainly Vata (but has the effect of all doshas seasonally)

Since you can’t always just up and move, it is important to first remember that you can still treat the Doshas with, food, routine and lifestyle.  Also mother nature is very good about providing us with what we need.  If you live in the desert, you may notice lots of cactus, you could then by some aloe vera juice (cooling to sunburn skin, and internally cools the blood).  Maybe you live in a more coastal area, where depression can tend to show up because of the constant cloud cover, and especially effects people low in vitamin D (there is an abundance of fish in coastal areas which contain vitamin D, and fish under the category of oily fish. Exmp. Salmon are high in Vitamin D)  If nothing comes to mind when thinking of native plants or animals in your area, you can look it up in a book or online, but when it comes to wild plants don’t go out into the wild and pick it and eat it yourself unless you are professionally trained.

What landscape do you live in?  Have you found any plants or food that helps you stay balanced there?  Let me know in the comments below.

Interview with Kerry Shamblin-Vedic Astrologer

 I love change, if you haven’t noticed, and here is some, first hand, coming atchya….. Tada!  The first interview on Ayurveda at a Glance.  It was so much fun interviewing Kerry and  finding out about the affects of the planets.  Vedic Astrology also known as Jyotish is the form of astrology linked with  yoga and Ayurveda.  We explored the affects of the moon (not a planet, but it is Earths natural satellite and has a strong affect on us).  Click here to watch video.

To learn more about Kerry and Vedic astrology go to

Did you enjoy this interview?  Would you like to see more interviews?  Let me know in the comments below.

Resisting Resistance

Have you ever experienced wanting to do something that seems great, and then the day of or the day before, your stomach is churning?  It is that unwanted resistance, it can show up anywhere even during meditation.  I recently experienced this.  Since I was six I have been extremely interested in surfing, and yet I had never done it.  For some reason I skirted around it, I had paddleboarded, body boarded and even paddled around on a short board in a lake, but my fear of sharks and who knows what caused me to have such resistance.  Even two years ago when I decided to officially surf, well everything else just happened to get in the way.  Until I made myself go, instead of adding it to a trip I made it the main event and  activating my Pitta focus I would not back down.

Resistance especially to change is considered a Kapha trait. Vata’s tend to find resistance in the form of overwhelm.  The Pitta Dosha is considered to have a sharp quality which can be seen physically in an angled and sharp jaw line but also mentally as they have the focus to cut straight through and get things done.

The day before I was to fly out, I was nautiouse which is not something I feel very often at all, and I chalked it up to being resistance.  Abdominal breath helped, and staying hydrated.  The morning of the surf lesson I woke up bouncy, and I had the biggest grin for all 2 and 1/2 hrs. of the lesson.  (I stood up on my second try:)  Even when I had the ocean up my nose I was smiling and was grateful  for the free neti pot:).

When resistance occurs and upsets your stomach, and you know what the resistance stemmed from it is good to try to relax the mind through focused breathing, meditation or what ever you use to calm your mind because the mind and digestion are very connected.  They produce the same chemicals and hormones.  Ever notice how if you get overwhelmed with thoughts swirling in your head that you become tight in your stomach and become constipated or vice versa, the feeling may have started in your stomach.  This is because of the lack of Apana (downward flow), some common causes of this are dehydration, not enough food or nutrients, or not enough lubrication (oil) in the digestive tract (Vata).  You may also notice that when you get angry it causes you to become heated and it caused diarrhea (Pitta). 

Questions to ask yourself to make sure your resistance  or upset stomach ache is a good thing.

*When you talk about what is causing the resistance to a friend, does breaking through the resistance make you happy, or feel closed off ?

*Will breaking through the resistance, help your situation and make you feel better, or does it hurt you or anyone else?

Tips for getting through resistance

1.  Breathe into it.  Negative Tension Release Video click here.

2.  Be honest, what is the real worst case scenario…somebody saying no, not getting the job, your idea doesn’t work?  But you also have to remember that the outcome could also be really amazing, otherwise you wouldn’t be resisting it so much.

3.  Make a step by step plan of what you need to do, and follow through.

What happened when you broke through your resistance?

Healing with Taste

Have you ever craved salty after a longer work out or felt the need for something sweet at the end of a meal?  Taste is very important for healing and staying balanced.  When you have all six tastes during a meal it leaves you feeling satisfied.  This recipe covers all the tastes and is a perfect summer meal or side.

Six Taste Salad

  • Fill a bowl 2/3rds full with lettuce (romaine, red or green lettuce) (bitter)
  • Sprinkle with cranberries (astringent)
  • Add 1/3 cup of sunflower seeds, a great source of protein (sweet)
  • Drizzle with Olive Oil, a good source of Omegas
  • Dash of Vinegar(sour)
  • Salt to taste  (salty)
  • Light sprinkle of black pepper (pungent)

Feel free to add or vary, but try to keep all the tastes.   Vatas and Pittas may want to add Avocado or Blueberries.  Kaphas may want to add some green peppers or radishes.

Calming the Doshas with Taste

Vata– Sweet (moistening affect)

Pitta– Bitter and Sweet (cooling and moistening affect)

Kapha– Bitter and Astringent (drying affect)

(The sweet taste I am talking about is not candy, but can be found in grains, fruit and protein)   Enjoy!

3 Biggest Mistakes People Make Practicing Ayurveda on Their Own

Practicing Ayurveda can seem like a relatively simple thing to do, you read a book, take a quiz and try to eat the proper foods.  Well, there’s a little bit more to it than that.  Here are the 3 biggest mistakes people just starting out usually make (including me pre-practitioner), and  how to avoid them.

1. Use an incomplete or mixed up quiz.

Ayurveda is a very individualized science, so for someone to make a quiz that you can fill out in two minutes is rather difficult.  Sometimes they combine Prakruti (physical characteristics) with Vikruti (your imbalance).  The quiz you want will be one telling you your Vikruti.  (Think of taking a quiz as doing a yoga DVD and going to a practitioner as getting a private yoga session,  a group class would fall under the lines of an Ayurveda workshop).

2. Not properly evaluating yourself.

The quiz might seem simple, but because we have preconceived notions about ourselves you might circle the wrong answer.  A really good way to fix this would be to have a friend answer some of the questions for you.  Also the big misconception that Kaphas are fat, when in truth, Kaphas are sturdy and maybe a little thick, but the flabby fat is actually caused by Vata.

3.  Wrong food list.

O.K so you’ve figured out the two doshas you have the most of, now breaking it down so you know which one you have the digestion of.  Look at the questions you have answered, which ones talk about digestion (gas, color of stool ext)?  Tally up those questions and the main dosha there is what you should be eating food for.

As I said previously this is only like watching a Yoga DVD, there are actually multiple food lists such as Pitta/Vata and figuring how to work with the dosha that  is connected with your mental health can be trickier.  That is why Earth Ayurveda Clinic offers a one time visit to get you on track.