Is There a Recipie for Getting Rid of Gas?

Did you know in Ayurveda, how you eat is actually considered more important than what you eat?  You have been trying to eat “right” cookingbut the parties, unexpected snacks and stress are starting to catch up to you.  Even though you may not always be able to eat what you want, how you eat can help make up for it.  Giving the digestive system time to digest your food properly can reduce or even eliminate many common digestive problems.

Digestive Times Guidelines:

Snacks, 30-60mins.

Vegetarian Meal, 1-2hrs

Meal that has meat (including fish), 2-3hrs.

Stuffing yourself (not recommended), 3-? hrs.

**It is recommended that you leave a 1/4-1/3 of your stomach empty when eating to allow enough space for your stomach to digest food.  (Your stomach is roughly the size of your hands cupped together, in a beggar bowl.)

It can be tricky, finding exactly the right waiting times and may take a little trial and error, but it could be what is standing between you and a life free of gas and bloating.  It may take up to a week for your digestion to get on track, so don’t give up after day one.  If you miss a couples of days, there is always tomorrow.


Is your Digestion a Pain in the ***?

IMG_3104Is your digestion a pain in the leg?  What three-letter word were you thinking?

As we near summer your  digestive fire continues to grow stronger.  You may start to notice a pain in the back of your calf.  A lot of people think it is caused by dehydration or pulling a muscle, but this is actually a Marma Point (Ayurvedic Pressure Point) that correlates with digestion.

The Indrabasti pressure point is found on the center line of the calf almost 2/3rds the way between the ankle and knee.

Three ways to Activate this Point to Relieve Soreness and Improve Digestion:

1.  Gently massage the marma point or arround it.

2. Add  essential oils, diluted with a carrier oil to the point if you have:  Loose stools (Pitta-Fennel, Mint), Constipation (Vata-Chamomile, Lavander, Lemon Grass ) Slow stools (Kapha-Ginger, Black Pepper)


3.  Yoga poses like  Downward Dog and Warrior one with back heel lifted help gently stretch the point.

Have you noticed this yoga pressure point before?  Let me know in the comments below.

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