Yoga Weight Loss for Beginners

Sometimes loosing weight can become overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  I was making this video for a client and decided to snaz it up a little and share it with all of you.  It is a 15 minute yoga weightloss  for beginners video Click here.

3 Things to Remember when it comes to Weight Loss:

1. Movement, doesn’t have to be fast.  Vinyasa actually translates: “to place in an intentional way”.  It doesn’t take much to get the blood and lymph moving.

2.  A balanced digestion is a huge part of weight loss.  In this video we activate the digestive organs and stretch the digestive points on the backs of the legs.

3.  Having a strong foundation or base helps with weight loss.  A calm mind, calms Vata and helps prevent constipation and creates a balanced digestion.  The more aware you are allows you to know when you are full.  And being rooted helps prevent binge eating.

Stop the Holiday Blues with these 10 Yoga Poses

For some the Winter and Holidays can be filled with joy and for others it becomes a time of Melancholy, Overeating and Anxiety.  Yoga is an amazing tool that you can always use to overcome these issues.

Yoga for the Doshas: Depression
Make sure to warm up with a couple sun salutations.

Vata’s can express depression as overwhelm and anxiety.  Not wanting to get out of bed in the morning and not eating enough.  Too much to do and too many people to please.
Yoga poses for Vata Depression: Childs Pose (Balasana), Reclined/Supported Fish Pose (simple Matsyasana), Legs up a Wall (Viparita Karani) and Abdominal Breath.
These poses release fear and stress as well as activate the digestive system.


Legs up a wall with supported fish pose

Pitta’s can express depression as Anger, Intensity and become Overdriven.  This means pulling all nighters and feeling the need to do everything themselves.  As well as frequent outbursts at loved ones and co-workers.
Yoga poses for Pitta depression: Heart Chakra Pose (Anahatasana), Humble Warrior, Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana), Half Lord of the Fish Pose (Ardha Matsyandrasana).
These poses are detoxing, cooling and calming.

Ardha Matsyandrasana

Ardha Chandrasana


Kapha’s can express depression as Lethargy, Dullness of the Mind, and Overeating.  This can show up as not leaving the house, lack of motivation and energy.
Yoga Poses for Kapha depression: Head stand (Sirsasana), Cross Bar Pose preparation (Parigasana), Ustrasana (Camel Pose), Lions Breath and active Fish Pose (Matsyasana).
These Poses are energizing, get the lymph moving, and open the lungs.




It’s time to break out of that funk!

Ayurveda 7 Day Simple Detox

Wow the weather sure got cold fast, at least here in Northern Colorado. Even if you didn’t prepare your body before hand for the changing seasons, you can do this gentle cleanse to help prevent your Vata from pushing your Pitta. Translation since Vata is the only Dosha that moves, and is considered the imposter because it can create its own version of symptoms. As we head into the Vata season the “wind” can push your Pitta and cause anger, heat in the body and other Pitta symptoms to flare up. This cleanse will help reduce this, it is also good for reducing Kapha. If you are Vata and do the cleanse make sure to keep healthy fats in your diet and grounding foods.

MP9003879047 Day Simple Detox
The way this works is that you implement one new thing a day while still doing the things that were recomended for the day before it.
Day1 Replace Animal Protein with Vegetable Protein. (exmp beans and rice, quinoa, tempe ext.

Day2 Increase Leafy Greens by one serving. (you can saute vegies to help eat more without the added volume.)

Day3 Spice your food with neutral spices like fennel and corriander to help stoke the digestive fire.

Day4 Drink 62oz of hydration (water, tea, soup) a day.

Day5 Replace 1 meal a day with kitchari (split mung and basmati White) Kitchari is a complete protein that is so easy on the digestion it’s almost like fasting.

Day 6 No food after dinner until breakfast. Breakfast (break fasting) by not eating after dinner it gives your digestion and body a break and time to do other things than digesting.

Day7 Increase Antioxidants like green tea and leafy greens.

Have fun with this!

How to Deal with your Vata Friend

What do your friendship behaviors say about your Dosha?  Keep reading to find out more.

Me and my brother after a race.
Me and my brother after a race.

Vata’s tend to be social butterflys, (due to their airy nature) they want to be friends with everyone and go to everything, but when out of balance they become overwhelmed.  It is also a common trait of Vata’s that they blame themselves for what ever goes wrong.

So if this sounds like your besty, your child or partner here are a couple of tips to help keep them on track:

*Make sure they’ve eaten recently.

*Send them a reminder the day of an event.

*Try to get them to stick to a plan previously decided.

Pitta’s like doing things for a reason. Because of their often black and white view of the world,  they tend to hang out with friends in the form of group activities, such as friends they cycle with, running partner a baseball league, or work (because there is a purpose to these friendships).

Kapha’s tend to have one or two good friends that they hang out with, because of their dislike of change but are very loyal to the friends they have.

Because no one is just one Dosha you may notice that you have a couple of these traits or that it changes during different times of the season.

Upcoming Events

How to Journal for Health and Clarity: Interview with Lauri Pointer

You are 95% more likely to get things done when you write them down.

Some of my clients have been raving about Lauri Pointer’s, Journaling workshops, so I decided to interview her and share this awesome and accessible tool.  Find out how journaling can be more that just writing on a piece of paper, and Lauri says you don’t have to journal every day to get results.  She even shared a self care journaling prompt.  Click here to watch the video.

Self Care Journaling Demo
Watch the video for more instructions.

To find out more about Lauri Pointer and get Free Journaling prompts, go to LauriPointer.com

yellow rosesWe are in the middle of the Pitta season, you may feel hungrier, more irritable, increased heat in the body internally and externally.  Or if you’re super Vata you may feel great.  Hibiscus and Rose are great for healing the heart physically and opening the heart energetically, as well as cooling the blood. (The heart and liver are commonly associated with Pitta.)

Hibiscus PK- V+ in excess 
Rose VPK= 

**If the symbols for the Doshas in the blog don’t make sense to you click here to learn what they mean.

Uses for Rose and Hibiscus

1.Hibiscus is amazing as a tea because it helps quench thirst so you don’t need to chug 3 glasses of water.  The slightly bitter taste is great for reducing Pitta. 

2.Rose water is great for reducing inflammation and skin infection, like acne,  as well as cooling the skin and the the smell is calming and heart opening. You can buy it at any Natural Grocers. (Natural Aloe Gel VPK= is the best for removing heat from sunburn.  I recommend Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gel inner fillet. This also great for inflamed acne as a topical treatment.)

3.Combined, Hibiscus and Rose make a great Pitta reducing tea.  Some pre-made blends I love are Tazo’s Passion Tea.  The Iced Tea bags prepare quickly, just add one to a pitcher or large water bottle and it activates in about a minute.  Happy Lucky’s Tea House and Treasures (Fort Collins, CO) has an amazing blend called Egyptian Dream and the Pitta blend.

4.You can also use Rose as an essential oil, diffused into a room or  mixed with a carrier oil and applied as a perfume.  (Rose oil can be expensive, but should be diluted to make the smell your used to, for a substitute try one of my favorites Geranium Rose PK-V+ in excess.  I love the smell but not everyone does.). Rose oil is great for calming Pitta anger in the mind and opening the heart for self compassion.  One of my favorite cooling combos is Rose and Lime essential oil blend, so yummy!

5.If your the crafty, hands on type you can make a Rose petal diffusion 1 part rose petals to 2 parts cookable carrier oil.  This is a great way to make an amazing smelling Abhyanga oil.

Cardamom: Courage in a Bottle

Flowers Floating in Herbal Tea  I don’t think there could be a more perfect herb to help counteract the windy, rainy, cold, warm spring of Colorado than Cardamom.  Weather you are looking for some courage and grounding or want get rid of a little excess Kapha, Cardamom can do that and a whole lot more.  In ancient Egypt soldiers would put on Cardamom essential oil to increase their courage, before going into battle, so maybe you could use some before work.

Cardamom V-P+K-  (Having trouble understanding these symbols?  Click here.)

Cardamom can be used as an Essential Oil for smelling or as a spice in food.

Foods that use cardamom:  Chai, Pumpkin Pie, Rice Pudding and Oatmeal.  Spices are great for stoking the digestive fire and Cardamom is known for getting rid of Vata gas and Kapha mucous.  Side note: its antispasmodic qualities, can be helpful for getting rid of hiccups, and intestinal cramping (Dillute essential oil in a carrier oil and apply to abdominal area.)  Not recommended during your period, due to its heating qualities use peppermint instead.

Cardamom stays fresher when stored in pod form and can be chopped in a coffee grinder as needed.

Do you cook with Cardamom?  Let me know how you use it in the comments below.