About Niight

I have spent most of my life studying holistic medicine and practices, it started as an 7D0F5900-3018-4583-9A95-1DE36D990809interest, then as self help and led to me trying to find the most rooted and effective practices to share.  I have been practicing Ayurveda for almost 10 years but I love teaching and talking about it the most, it lights me up inside.

 I am a graduate of the California College of Ayurveda and earned  the title of Ayurveda Health Practitioner. My yoga training started with the  200 hr. yoga training with Sarada Erickson (Shambava Yoga) owner of Om Ananda in Fort Collins, CO and went on to do my  300hr. yoga training with Gina Caputo (Integrated Vinyasa) founder and director of the Colorado School of Yoga in Boulder, CO .

Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga, to me it helps make sense of the world we live in and our health.  It is the earth science that gives us a map to living in balance with nature and optimal health.  This 5,000 year old science of life, looks at each person as an individual, allowing for specific diet and lifestyle recommendations to keep the body in balance.

I try to be outside as much as possible,in my free time you will find me running, walking and taking photos in the mountains and foothills of Northern Colorado.

Other Certifications include:  Reiki Practitioner, Marma Point Therapy, Meditation Teacher, Aromatic Alchemy and Fine Arts Degree (UW-Platteville).

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