How to Prepare for the Holidays

Ayurveda for the Holidays
Vata’s tend to get overwhelmed.
Quick fix,Stay hydrated, stick to your normal routine as much as possible even when out of town(bed time, when you eat, ext.) make step by step list of things that need to get done and do a few steps every day.

Pitta’s tend to take over and get angry.
Quick fix, go for a walk (or just in general walk away from agitating situations), avoid spicy foods, focus on relaxing the space between the eyebrows, this area becomes scrunched when agitated and by releasing it consciously helps calm anger.

Kaphas tend to be wall flowers and over eat.
Quick fix try to stay in well ventilated and bright areas, smell digestive essential oils after eating to increase digestion, bring a game or have interesting topics of conversation to help eat less and hang out with family more.

And a personal favorite of mine that’s good for anyone, is Negative Tension Release (Guided Meditation)  click here for video.

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