Ayurveda 7 Day Simple Detox

Wow the weather sure got cold fast, at least here in Northern Colorado. Even if you didn’t prepare your body before hand for the changing seasons, you can do this gentle cleanse to help prevent your Vata from pushing your Pitta. Translation since Vata is the only Dosha that moves, and is considered the imposter because it can create its own version of symptoms. As we head into the Vata season the “wind” can push your Pitta and cause anger, heat in the body and other Pitta symptoms to flare up. This cleanse will help reduce this, it is also good for reducing Kapha. If you are Vata and do the cleanse make sure to keep healthy fats in your diet and grounding foods.

MP9003879047 Day Simple Detox
The way this works is that you implement one new thing a day while still doing the things that were recomended for the day before it.
Day1 Replace Animal Protein with Vegetable Protein. (exmp beans and rice, quinoa, tempe ext.

Day2 Increase Leafy Greens by one serving. (you can saute vegies to help eat more without the added volume.)

Day3 Spice your food with neutral spices like fennel and corriander to help stoke the digestive fire.

Day4 Drink 62oz of hydration (water, tea, soup) a day.

Day5 Replace 1 meal a day with kitchari (split mung and basmati White) Kitchari is a complete protein that is so easy on the digestion it’s almost like fasting.

Day 6 No food after dinner until breakfast. Breakfast (break fasting) by not eating after dinner it gives your digestion and body a break and time to do other things than digesting.

Day7 Increase Antioxidants like green tea and leafy greens.

Have fun with this!

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