How to Deal with your Vata Friend

What do your friendship behaviors say about your Dosha?  Keep reading to find out more.

Me and my brother after a race.
Me and my brother after a race.

Vata’s tend to be social butterflys, (due to their airy nature) they want to be friends with everyone and go to everything, but when out of balance they become overwhelmed.  It is also a common trait of Vata’s that they blame themselves for what ever goes wrong.

So if this sounds like your besty, your child or partner here are a couple of tips to help keep them on track:

*Make sure they’ve eaten recently.

*Send them a reminder the day of an event.

*Try to get them to stick to a plan previously decided.

Pitta’s like doing things for a reason. Because of their often black and white view of the world,  they tend to hang out with friends in the form of group activities, such as friends they cycle with, running partner a baseball league, or work (because there is a purpose to these friendships).

Kapha’s tend to have one or two good friends that they hang out with, because of their dislike of change but are very loyal to the friends they have.

Because no one is just one Dosha you may notice that you have a couple of these traits or that it changes during different times of the season.

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