yellow rosesWe are in the middle of the Pitta season, you may feel hungrier, more irritable, increased heat in the body internally and externally.  Or if you’re super Vata you may feel great.  Hibiscus and Rose are great for healing the heart physically and opening the heart energetically, as well as cooling the blood. (The heart and liver are commonly associated with Pitta.)

Hibiscus PK- V+ in excess 
Rose VPK= 

**If the symbols for the Doshas in the blog don’t make sense to you click here to learn what they mean.

Uses for Rose and Hibiscus

1.Hibiscus is amazing as a tea because it helps quench thirst so you don’t need to chug 3 glasses of water.  The slightly bitter taste is great for reducing Pitta. 

2.Rose water is great for reducing inflammation and skin infection, like acne,  as well as cooling the skin and the the smell is calming and heart opening. You can buy it at any Natural Grocers. (Natural Aloe Gel VPK= is the best for removing heat from sunburn.  I recommend Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gel inner fillet. This also great for inflamed acne as a topical treatment.)

3.Combined, Hibiscus and Rose make a great Pitta reducing tea.  Some pre-made blends I love are Tazo’s Passion Tea.  The Iced Tea bags prepare quickly, just add one to a pitcher or large water bottle and it activates in about a minute.  Happy Lucky’s Tea House and Treasures (Fort Collins, CO) has an amazing blend called Egyptian Dream and the Pitta blend.

4.You can also use Rose as an essential oil, diffused into a room or  mixed with a carrier oil and applied as a perfume.  (Rose oil can be expensive, but should be diluted to make the smell your used to, for a substitute try one of my favorites Geranium Rose PK-V+ in excess.  I love the smell but not everyone does.). Rose oil is great for calming Pitta anger in the mind and opening the heart for self compassion.  One of my favorite cooling combos is Rose and Lime essential oil blend, so yummy!

5.If your the crafty, hands on type you can make a Rose petal diffusion 1 part rose petals to 2 parts cookable carrier oil.  This is a great way to make an amazing smelling Abhyanga oil.

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