The Keep it Simple Guide to Cleansing

Spring seems to be a time when “cleansing” and “detoxing” become buzzwords.  But is doing a cleanse right for your Dosha?

Kapha’s are who Spring cleanses are intended for.  Signs that you have too much Kapha are lethargy, white mucous in the nose (which should be spit or blown out not swallowed), and heavy, achy feeling in stomach/digestion.Backbends reduce Kapha
Quick fix: 
Increase digestive fire with heating spices: black pepper and ginger.  Backbends and heart openers help reduce Kapha.

Pitta’s usually cleanse before the summer, to get rid of any heat that has built up in the liver, digestion or mind.  Signs that you should detox some of that excess Pitta are anger, physically heated and loose stools.
Quick fix:
Eating more leafy greens, beware of spinach, which is heating.  Kitchari Cleanse, there is a link to more about this at the bottom of the pg. to an article I wrote for The Yoga Connection Magazine.

Vata’s, especially when out of balance will want to cleanse but should really be nourishing their body. Signs that you should be nourishing are dry skin, dry hair and nails, tired, malnourished. (These are all signs that you should not be cleansing, because these show that there is a lot of reduction of the body occurring due to the Vata (Ether) reduction occurring, so Vata’s actually need to add.
Quick fix:
Abhyanga (warm oil massage), eating warm grounding foods, fennel is great for balancing the digestive fire for better digestion to reverse malabsorption.

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