How to Stop the Sniffles

Post nasal drip is the clear mucous that makes you feel like you have a runny nose all the time, or it can cause you to feel like you have to DSC_1473clear your throat all the time.  It is more common in dry, windy or cold climates which is a giveaway that Vata is being aggravated.  This Vata (air and ether) symptom is caused by  the drying out of the mucous membranes in the nose passages and throat.

  Your body is always trying to heal itself, but it has to come up with some creative ways when you don’t supply it with the proper tools(food, nutrients, ext.).  By producing the clear mucous it acts as a makeshift coating to help stop the dryness.

3 Tips for Stopping Post Nasal Drip

Nasya-Using a dropper, 3-5 drops of *carrier oil down the nose, it is up for debate if you would like to let it go down your throat and spit it out or blow it out. (Nasya is best used when you have clear mucous or as part of your daily routine.  (Netipot should only be used when you have white or yellow mucous in the nose and will make post nasal drip worse.) *When choosing a carrier oil, people

Lilypad; nature scenic

 with a lot of Vata can use sesame, but Pittas may want to use ghee, or sunflower oil. 

Staying Hydrated and making sure to get enough healthy fats and omegas- exmp. avacados, chia seeds, olive oil

Eating food in general– not to say every time your nose starts to drip eat some food, but it is common that people with post nasal drip will forget to or purposely not eat due to the Vata imbalance.  Regular meals are a good thing.

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