Beans, Beans the Magical Fruit…..

I don’t use recipies when I cook very often.  I use a little bit of this and a little bitMP900387902 of that and whatever seems right.  A pinch of this and cook it till it smells done.  I don’t taste my food while I’m cooking it.  I squish a grain of rice or a noodle between my fingers to feel the texture and hardness to see if it is done.  Or smash a bean with the back of a spoon into the side of a pot to see if it’s mushy enough.

We are in the middle of the Vata (air and ether) aggravating time of year, and squash is a warming winter vegetable that helps with grounding.  Rice and Beans are a complete protein, which is something you want to increase during the winter, to decrease Vata as well.  Below is a recipie I created this winter.  It is simple and tastes great if you like squash.

Squash Chili Recipe:


1 box Imagine Squash Soup (you can also cook your own butternut squash (V-P=K+), purae and add water, ghee/sunflower oil and fennel, ginger and cinnamon.)

1 cup adzuki beans (V+PK-)

1/2-3/4 cup brown rice (V=P+K-)or basmati white rice for easier digestion.


Rinse rice, fill pot with water so that it completley covers rice.  Soak over night.

Rinse beans until water is clear, completly cover with water and soak over night.

after soaking beans rinse until water runs clear.

Strain Rice

Place beans and rice into a crockpot or pot, add squash soup to fully cover beans and rice.  Bring to a boil and then turn down to warm or 3 on the stove.

Stir ocasionaly.

In an hour check to see if you need to add water if you can see squash

and rice and is not fully cooked.

Cook until beans and rice are as you like and the liquid is not soupy but cohesive.

Let me know how this recipie works out for you in the coments below.  Feel free to change or add how you like



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