Confessions of a Yogini: How to Stay on your Mat

When I started practicing yoga my main reason was to get fit.  I stumbled upon yoga while doing a Yoga/Pilates VHS.  I liked the yoga part better so I found more yoga videos to do.  Through out my eight years of practice every day I get on the mat I have a different reason, a different focus, a new reason to not get on the mat and finding the reasons that are more important to make me grateful for getting on my yoga mat.  Yes, even yoga teachers struggle sometimes.


A few of the reasons I get on my mat:

Stress Relief


Self Massage


New Ideas for Teaching

Me Time


Good Workout



Some days I don’t want to get on my mat, because I think it is going to be boring, the same salutations, but when I really practice asanas, and find the right alignment even in a pose I do all the time and radiate out it is amazing.

yoga foot

How to Keep your Practice New:

*Get a new Yoga Video

*Go to a new studio

*Go to a class with a different teacher

*Set a more difficult pose to work for

*Get a private yoga session to see what you can focus on

*Follow me on my 31 Days of Yoga Journey on Instagram or Facebook 

I will be sharing tips for keeping a strong yoga practice, and the ups and downs of my yoga practice.

What keeps you going back to your yoga mat?  Let me know in the comments below.

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