Local Food is the New Super Food (Summer)

Acai, Maca, Goji Berries, what do all these foods have in common?  They are considered super foods, but what if there is an alternative in your own back yard that could be even more healing?  Foods that grow naturally and easily in the area that you live, work best for calming the doshas and treating issues that are common to your area.

Benefits of Locally Grown Food- cheaper (no travel expenses), naturally calms doshas, more prana (energy, which starts decreasing as soon as a plant is picked).

Summer is considered a Pitta time of year, depending on your location though there may be other qualities.  In Fort Collins, Colorado where I live the *windy, dry desert adds more of a Vata quality to every season.  Foods that grow in the summer digest quickly and are high in prana (energy) for increased outdoor activities. 

Farmers market is one of the best places to guarantee freshness, but you can also buy produce that is in season at your grocery store as well to get the natural benefits.

Cooling Local Foods

Greens (Astringent and cooling)- Kale, Romaine, celery, cucumbers.  Tricky heating greens- Spinach, Mustard Greens, Brussels Sprouts.

Fruit- Ripe sweet fruits, are considered cooling, and help calm Pitta.  Tricky heating fruits- oranges, tomatoes, pineapples, grapefruit.  Fruit can be hard to digest, try eating fruit first during a meal or away from other foods.

Omegas– Fresh Water Fish and Avocados.  (Red meat and salt water fish are heating and are recommended in small amounts during the summer.)

*Most cactus are Natural Laxatives that grow in the dessert, where the high winds and dehydration can cause constipation.  Some laxatives such as Senna can be habit forming and it is best to work with digestive herbs like fennel, or the famous mixture Triphala to help bring about proper elimination.

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