Healing With Nature (The Sky’s the Limit)

IMG_4127I recently returned from visiting my family in Wisconsin, it was so fun and beautiful.  Leafy green trees everywhere.  Now I’m back in Fort Collins, which is a high elevation dessert with its golden hues and gorgeous sunsets.  August 10th I will be up in the mountains for the Healing with Nature: Rocky Mountain Meditation Immersion.

An Ayurvedic Look at Healing with the Sky

Did you know that watching the clouds pass across a beautiful blue sky for 10 minutes helps erase hundreds of visual impressions (stressors like blinking lights, tv, computer ext.)?  You don’t even have to go outside to get the effects, you can turn your office chair and look out the window.IMG_4598

Sunset is a very healing time, its golden hue is very nourishing and helps heal the eyes.  Watching the sunset also helps your body’s inner clock relax and start preparing to go to bed.  You can simulate this in your house by slowly lessening the amount of lighting in your house as you get closer and closer to going to bed.  There is even a computer program that runs on a timer and slowly gets dimmer and dimmer.

IMG_3987Want to learn more about the healing properties of nature?  Join me for the Healing with Nature: Rocky Mountain Meditation Immersion August 10th from 9am-2pm.  Explore the healing qualities of Nature, through guided meditation, intuition, and time-honored tools and techniques for working with and interpreting nature for healing.  It is your choice of what you are asking to receive guidance and healing for, whether it is for healing a marriage, a nagging physical pain, stress, exct.  You will be able to use the tools you learn, to continue your healing journey at home.  Click here for full itinerary.

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