Top 10 Tips for making it Through the Holidays without Stress or Weight Gain

It’s good to be back in Fort Collins, CO.  I am finally getting back into the swing of things after being on the Midwest Tour (Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa), Story Telling, Ayurveda Presentations and working with Ayurveda Jump Start to Health Patients.  It was so much fun sharing Ayurveda Health and Empowerment.  Changes are a coming for the clinic in the new year, stay posted in the next month for more details.  Also have you joined the fabulouse group of people on the Earth Ayurveda Clinic Facebook page?  If not click here.

The Holiday seasons can be stressful with traveling, visiting family, trying to keep your immune system high and not gain weight.  Here is a gift from me, to you:)  The Top 10 tips you Need to know to make it through the Holidays.  (In no particular order)

1.  Bring something you can eat that tastes good and that doesn’t make you cringe when you think of the health factors or calories.  (Try setting a goal of maintaining through the holidays, not trying to loose weight.) If you want a food that isn’t good for you, take a small portion instead of depriving yourself.  And remember it is what we do most of the time that affects you, not what you do once in a while.

2.  Family stress even just thinking about it can cause you to hold or shorten your breath.  Start practicing deep abdominal breath, which is not very noticeable but can have an astounding affect on calming the nervous system and the mind, allowing you to deal with family members and driving. When you reduce stress, it helps keep weight off.

3.  Overcoming the infamous stuffing your face.  Eat until you are almost full, not stuffed.  Your stomach digests food faster when there is a little space for it to squish and digest your food.  (Don’t stress about not getting enough, you can put what you want on your plate and save it for your second meal or cover it and take it home.)

4.  Whether you are hosting a party or going to one ask yourself “What can I do to make this run as smoothly as possible?”  exmp.  having food prepped the night before, plan a stop while your traveling in the middle, and allow children to run and go to the bathroom instead of whiny cranky children or make a list of safe topics that you know your family or friends can handle to divert to.

5.  Spice your food, in India all food is spiced, as it helps with digestion.  Some neutral spices are coriander and fennelBlack pepper is good if you are eating a particularly heavy or creamy meal.  You can bring spices with you if you don’t think they will be available, bring a fennel capsule to have before meals or bring some digestive tea to share instead of coffee.

6.  Your a vegetarian going into a household of non-vegetarians.  Bring a vegetarian dish that to you is considered a main course.  Do not bring a dish that has any reference to a meat substitute, because you will be setting yourself up for a battle.  Even though meat substitutes can taste great, non-vegetarians expect it to taste the same and will tell you it’s not that great.

7.  Be aware of your own sabotaging thoughts and behaviors: be able to recognize which role you tend to fall into and have a mantra or affirmation to snap yourself out of it.  (A favorite affirmation of mine is I bless everyone I see and they bless me.)

Vata’s tend to blame themselves.

Pitta’s tend towards blaming others.

Kapha’s can tend towards smothering and controlling behavior.

8.  Going for a walk.  It is best to let your food digest for atleast 10-30 min.  then taking a short, gentle walk of a minimum of 108 steps tells your body to burn fat and helps with digestion.  Try going for a group walk, or walking the dog or stepping out for a breath of fresh air.

9.  Go into the party with a positive attitude.  Don’t start off thinking it’s going to be terrible or that your going to gain five pounds, instead put out the energy that everything is going to be great.  What would be the perfect scenario?

10.  Have a support network, if a family situation starts to get a little hard to handle have someone you can text that will send you a positive text back, or someone you trust that you can go hang out with in your family.

Stay healthy and have fun this holiday season.

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