Does Where you Live affect Your Health

Does where you live affect your health? Yes.  It is one of the six factors that can let you know how long it will take you to heal, and will usually fortell what doshas you will eventually go out of balance with, if not managed properly.  Find out and identify the landscape you are living in, in the list below.

General Landscapes/Biomes, and the Doshas they are Associated With

The dosha listed next to the landscape is what people will most commonly go out of balance with in the area, Exmp.  if it says Vata then you may need to focus on keeping Vata calm all year long.  If it says four seasons that means that the area is more prone to having all four seasons and you can  prepare as each season comes, even though there is still usually an overall predominant Dosha.

Mountains– Cold and Windy -Vata

Desert-Hot and Dry- Pitta/Vata

Leafy Forest/Woodlands– Moist and  four seasons – Kapha (but also has capabilities of all the Doshas seasonally)

Coastal– Wet/Cold- Kapha

Island-Wet/Warm- Kapha/Pitta

Polar Regions(considered cold desert, due to lack of rain fall)- Cold/Dry- Vata

Prarie– Warm/Windy/Moist/four seasons- mainly Vata (but has the effect of all doshas seasonally)

Since you can’t always just up and move, it is important to first remember that you can still treat the Doshas with, food, routine and lifestyle.  Also mother nature is very good about providing us with what we need.  If you live in the desert, you may notice lots of cactus, you could then by some aloe vera juice (cooling to sunburn skin, and internally cools the blood).  Maybe you live in a more coastal area, where depression can tend to show up because of the constant cloud cover, and especially effects people low in vitamin D (there is an abundance of fish in coastal areas which contain vitamin D, and fish under the category of oily fish. Exmp. Salmon are high in Vitamin D)  If nothing comes to mind when thinking of native plants or animals in your area, you can look it up in a book or online, but when it comes to wild plants don’t go out into the wild and pick it and eat it yourself unless you are professionally trained.

What landscape do you live in?  Have you found any plants or food that helps you stay balanced there?  Let me know in the comments below.

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