Keep it Where my Eyes Can See

Have you ever experienced opening your refrigerator crisper only to find it has become a compost pile, with those tomatoes and potatoes you forgot about?  This situation is just one of the places where the “Keep it where I can see it” rule applies.  Vegetables like potatoes and squashes and a lot of fruits like apples, bananas and oranges can be left out in plain view on your table or counter.  Try putting veggies like lettuce and kale in a see through reusable container.  If you can not see through it, label it and put it on the middle rack towards the front of the fridge.  Fruits and vegetables start to lose their prana (energy) within  a day or two of being picked.  This means to get the full power pack of  the plant-based food you buy only purchase a couple of vegetables at a time, and use them with in a day or two, which will help avoid wilting (no need for the crisper).

Other places you can use the “Keep it Where my Eyes can See” rule.

*Keeping your tongue scraper, netipot and salt by your toothbrush

*Digestive herbs (toasted fennel) on the kitchen counter

*Earplugs on your night stand

*Yoga mat/Workout equipment by the door or in the car

How do you use the rule or where are you going to start using it?

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