Resisting Resistance

Have you ever experienced wanting to do something that seems great, and then the day of or the day before, your stomach is churning?  It is that unwanted resistance, it can show up anywhere even during meditation.  I recently experienced this.  Since I was six I have been extremely interested in surfing, and yet I had never done it.  For some reason I skirted around it, I had paddleboarded, body boarded and even paddled around on a short board in a lake, but my fear of sharks and who knows what caused me to have such resistance.  Even two years ago when I decided to officially surf, well everything else just happened to get in the way.  Until I made myself go, instead of adding it to a trip I made it the main event and  activating my Pitta focus I would not back down.

Resistance especially to change is considered a Kapha trait. Vata’s tend to find resistance in the form of overwhelm.  The Pitta Dosha is considered to have a sharp quality which can be seen physically in an angled and sharp jaw line but also mentally as they have the focus to cut straight through and get things done.

The day before I was to fly out, I was nautiouse which is not something I feel very often at all, and I chalked it up to being resistance.  Abdominal breath helped, and staying hydrated.  The morning of the surf lesson I woke up bouncy, and I had the biggest grin for all 2 and 1/2 hrs. of the lesson.  (I stood up on my second try:)  Even when I had the ocean up my nose I was smiling and was grateful  for the free neti pot:).

When resistance occurs and upsets your stomach, and you know what the resistance stemmed from it is good to try to relax the mind through focused breathing, meditation or what ever you use to calm your mind because the mind and digestion are very connected.  They produce the same chemicals and hormones.  Ever notice how if you get overwhelmed with thoughts swirling in your head that you become tight in your stomach and become constipated or vice versa, the feeling may have started in your stomach.  This is because of the lack of Apana (downward flow), some common causes of this are dehydration, not enough food or nutrients, or not enough lubrication (oil) in the digestive tract (Vata).  You may also notice that when you get angry it causes you to become heated and it caused diarrhea (Pitta). 

Questions to ask yourself to make sure your resistance  or upset stomach ache is a good thing.

*When you talk about what is causing the resistance to a friend, does breaking through the resistance make you happy, or feel closed off ?

*Will breaking through the resistance, help your situation and make you feel better, or does it hurt you or anyone else?

Tips for getting through resistance

1.  Breathe into it.  Negative Tension Release Video click here.

2.  Be honest, what is the real worst case scenario…somebody saying no, not getting the job, your idea doesn’t work?  But you also have to remember that the outcome could also be really amazing, otherwise you wouldn’t be resisting it so much.

3.  Make a step by step plan of what you need to do, and follow through.

What happened when you broke through your resistance?

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