Can new Undies Improve your Health?

No, I have not switched jobs to the underwear industry.  I actually want to talk about Color Therapy.  When I tell my patients who wear only black or brown clothes to start experimenting with color in their wardrobe they usually cringe as if they would rather give up eating pizza. The truth is most of us could use a little more color in our wardrobe.  Good news, you can use your undergarments to get the same effect as wearing t-shirts and pants of the color you need.

Color therapy is very affective technique,  blue lights are used in the hospital to help newborns with Jaundice, and  yellow and orange are very helpful colors in fighting depression.  All colors can help heal when used properly or support an imbalance when used too much, just like food.

Black is a color of protection and keeps energy inside whether negative or positive .  Brown is a grounding color,  too much can cause tamas (being stuck or stubborn).  A pink bra can help with self-love and it is right in the area of the heart chakra.  Need a little motivation, try some fire colored undies (yellow, orange or red) these are also considered the colors that burn Karma.  Cool off that temper with some blue or green, or destress with violet.

Do not let me limit you to just underwear, if you love wearing bright colors like me then rock on, and feel free to decorate your office and house as well.  You’ll be feeling more balanced in no time.

Have you noticed an effect a color has had on you?  Share it with me below.

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