Have you Forgotten that Fun is Important?

Summer is a great time of year to start adding more creativity into your life.  For a lot of my patients it seems like creativity is the most often left out pillar of life.  The three pillars of life are food, sleep and creativity all three are needed to feel fulfilled in life.   Did you know that fuffiling this last pillar can improve your sleep, your digestion and even your sex life? Click here for my creativity video

Excuses for not Finding Creative Time and the Reality Check

Excuse:As we grow older, people start to focus most of their attention on their job, and society teaches us that a job is hard and strict with rules.  Reality:  You can have fun at any job, it’s all about your mindset, and you can use off time for creative explorations.

Excuse: Creativity is not productive, it’s something children do.  Reality: Creativity makes you more productive, when you are happy and balanced, you are able to focus better, and interact with a more optimistic attitude.  Children are “allowed” to be creative and if you notice, they are very happy individuals for it.

Excuse: I’m not creative. Reality:  The fact is you don’t have to be artistic or a great writer, creativity can come from simple things like being in nature, fishing, daydreaming in the hammock.

Excuse: It takes too much time. Reality: You only need about 5-10 minutes of creative time a day, or maybe even just hanging out with the girls for a couple of hours every week.

Excuse: Not really knowing all the options that equal creativity.  Reality:  Click here to watch my video to find out more.

What do you do to stay creative?  Let me know below.  Or what are you planning on doing now that you know how important it is?

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