What do all the symbols mean on food lists and recipes?

A lot of people ask me what the plus and minus mean.  They know there dosha but which food list or tea should they use.  Well here it is plain and simple.

If you are a Vata you would use a  Vata food list or drink Vata tea, these are things that will help decrease Vata.   This goes for all the other doshas as well.  If you are Pitta use a Pitta food list and Kapha would use a Kapha food list.

When you see things next to a food or essential oil that have = + –  

V=Vata P=Pitta K=Kapha

= sign stands for neutral it will not affect the dosha

 + sign will increase the dosha 

 – sign will decrease the dosha

example 1. Fennel VPK=   this means fennel will be neutral to all the doshas (not increase or decrease)

example 2. Black Pepper V- P+ K-    Black Pepper will decrease Vata, increase Pitta and decrease Kapha

Lastly sometimes you will find a recipe that has ingredient lists with circles around the doshas after the ingredient.  The circles that have a line through them mean that the ingredient will increase that dosha and should not be used for that dosha or should be substituted with a different ingredient more suitable for that dosha.